Social Justice and the Generation of “Me”

21 Aug

I came across an article today titled “Generation א” and the essence of the article is they are entitled bourgeois who are not fighting for social justice, they are fighting for themselves.

And I agree mostly with this statetment.

Yes there are issues with high taxes, anti-monopoly laws, very small group of extremely wealthy families running most of the large businesses in the country. On the flip side of it – all I hear from the protesters is “I deserve”.

What exactly do you deserve? You deserve to be able to afford any kind of lifestyle you chose without working for it? You deserve to be able to live in the metropolitan city of Tel Aviv? You deserve a car?

What is really happening here is the erosion of the middle class and now the middle class is standing up. For themselves.

“Large sectors of Israeli society and its periphery have been crying out for over a decade to the self-declared Israeli bourgeoisie to ask for support in pressuring the government to alleviate their pain. It is only now, as that pain has begun to trickle into that bourgeoisie’s own pockets, in the relatively mild form of decreasing purchasing power and rising rents (as opposed to living in abject poverty and huddling in bomb shelters), that the privileged urban Israelis responsible for this latest civic awakening are finally willing to listen.”

I recommend you go and read the entire article “Selfish Goals of the Tel Aviv Tent Protests


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