DIY and My Obsessions

30 Nov

Lately, I have been on this huge DIY (do it yourself) kick. One of the best ways for me to find relevant DIY projects is via Pinterest.

Now is my turn to share a DIY that has made my life much easier with every step I take.

Hair conditioner and new leather shoes.

I just got a new pair of Bass loafers and man, the leather is tough. Which is a good thing- these shoes need to last many many years. But what is the connection between my new loafers and hair conditioner?

I use hair conditioner to soften the leather of my shoes so they mold to my feet faster.

Often when you buy a new pair of shoes you need to “break them in”.  Who has the time or patience to wear in a pair of shoes for a week or two? The blisters kill and stop you from wearing similar shoes until they are gonel.

My solution is to rub hair conditioner into the leather on the spots that rub just a bit too hard on my feed. Typically this means the back of my shoes. I rub it some into the leather, some on socks where they rub the shoes and carry a little bottle with me for the first day in case I need to add a bit more.

Within three times of wearing my shoes and treating them with conditioner, they no longer hurt and fit my feet just like they should.

Ahh, its the little things in life that bring me such pleasure. Like hair conditioner and new shoes.


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