Disconnecting Hell

27 Feb

Welcome to Israel where our customer service is anti customer and where you need to waste hours of your life waiting on hold to disconnect from a service provider.


My darling friend Eyal shared with me the most incredible website today on twitter. It is called https://www.netek.co.il/ 

This site allows you to visit the website, select a service you want to discontinue and do just that.

No more waiting on hold. No more annoying phone systems and getting “disconnected”.  Just you, the website and the button that says (at least to me) Goodbye and Good Riddance.

Now just remember that in order for this to work, you need to check your email and click on the link that says they are sending the “official disconnection fax”. Save this fax folks. It is evidence. And you know in this country you need the documentation.

So … I hope this blog post saves some of your sanity like is has for me.


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