Hearing Sirens in Tel Aviv

15 Nov

For the first time in my life, I ran for my life. 


I RAN for my LIFE. 


Yeah – thats exactly how it felt. Me, the “I’m a New Yawkah, nothing ruffles my feathahs”. I ran. 

I got on the bus to go home from work and the first stop after mine is the HaShalom train station (outside Azrielli). The driver came to a stop, opened up the doors and then we heard it .The Siren. The siren I have only heard on Yom Hazikaron and Yom Hashoa. The siren that has never meant war for me, but to honor the dead. 

We all looked around at one another on the bus and then the security guard from the train station started yelling… GET OFF THE BUS AND GET INSIDE.. DOWNSTAIRS.. TO THE BUNKER… it took a few seconds but we all jumped up and RAN.

I ran inside.. I ran down the stairs. And then I felt my heart in my throat. 

Cell system collapsed – I could sms, tweet but not make a phone call. Sms’ed my husband and tweeted + read twitter to hear more. 

After about 8 minutes after the siren ended, I looked around and noticed the Israelis weren’t rushing to leave . And that gave me pause. If THEY weren’t ready to leave this “secure” area, would I dare? 

Yeah… well I figured I could always run back downstairs again. 

Waited for the next bus.. tried calling the parents but phones were clogged… emailed them I’m fine..got home. poured m’self some whiskey to calm the nerves. Waiting for the hubby to get home and maybe we will flee to Haifa. 

I’m still shaken, but I ain’t sitrred 


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