How the internet made me a better wife

16 Jan

Yes it did. It really did. And no, I am not just talking about how my favorite site (cough pinterest cough cough) helped me clean the dishes or make the floor sparkle.  I am talking about how the internet (specifically the random blogs and tweeters I follow) helped me become a better wife.

You see, I have this urge, this need to understand people from their perspective. How they are feeling. What their lives are like. Maybe thats one of the reasons I love blogs. Actually, I know that is one of the reasons. And I have been listening more carefully to those that are ill (and dying) or ill and living with it. I feel that reading about their pain/frustration/happiness/love teaches me the little nuances of life.

Life is precious. And we are all mortal.

At some point in our lives, our loved ones are going to go through these kinds of experiences. Hell, you and  I are going to go through it at some point or another (tfu tfu may we stay healthy tfu tfu). But reading the daily struggles from the young and old, men and women, taught me not to take for granted my ability to take care of my own family and the ones that I love.

So when I feel lazy and don’t wash the dishes (when it is my turn) or when I don’t want to put away the laundry (because its my turn) or when I don’t want to go food shopping, I remember how incredibly lucky I am that I can do it – easily. And I remember that being able to take care of my family is a gift. A daily gift that one day… will stop being a gift and become a burden on those that I love.

So right now – every dish that I wash, every sock that I put in the washing machine, every meal that I cook is a gift. And one that the internet taught me never to take for granted.

Some of my inspirational bloggers and tweeters

Queen of Spain




Lisa Adams

Mandy Hitchcok


2 Responses to “How the internet made me a better wife”

  1. sockmonkeyskitchen January 16, 2013 at 9:13 pm #

    What a beautiful reminder of how life truly is a gift! =0)

  2. ysumihe January 17, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    Absolutely agree with your statement! 🙂 Internet has good impact in human life. I myself,living in a quite little island here in raja ampat,Papua and since i had an internet connection at home it does influence every single aspects of our life,you know.. like cooking, technology,news and so many other things happended on earth 🙂 so,thanks for those who have been getting involved in making internet as a great tool to make human life gets better 🙂

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