The household chore I now love to do – vacuuming

1 Apr

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me about this robot vacum cleaner that he got and how it was awesome. Awesome and vacum cleaning in the same sentence? I brushed him off and thought – well thats a nice toy and quickly forgot about it.

Then my friend Yael got one and went on and on and on about how wonderful the Roomba was with her two cats, toddler and white floors. How much it made her cleaning just that much easier.

And this time I thought – I should save up for one. At NIS 2900 (about $800) – this was not cheap. And I forgot to save for it and well…. out of sight out of mind.

Then a few weeks after Eitan and I got married, we visited his friends house and they have two dogs and a Roomba.

And then they showed us how it worked. I was hooked.

I wanted one.

Our Roomba

Our apartment has fake parket floors – which means that you can see almost every dust particle, hair or lint on the floor. Now as a new housewife- I wanted to keep the house clean. But I didn’t want to sweep every day. I also didn’t want to look down at the floor and think ugh, the floor is dirty.

Fast forward till January. We got invited to our friend’s house for a Friday night Shabbat meal with mostly a new group of people. And of course, at some point, the topic of the Roomba came up and I shared with the table how this is the one (and thus far only) household item I’d love to receive as a present from my husband.

I thought about all the cartoons and articles written about how a man should never buy his wife a household cleaning item as a gift and thought “nuh uh. thats not true when it comes to the Roomba”.

Back to the dinner table. One of other couples said they have one but they are giving it to friends. They didnt find it helpful enough – since in order for it to work, you need to clean the floor of stuff and they had two cats + lots of little cat toys.

And I shouted” But I would have bought it from you”

And the husband said “really?!”

Me: “YES really.”

And then the husband looks at his wife, looks at me and says “NIS 300?”

Me: “DONE!”

The husband then asks his wife it was okay to sell it and she shrugged her shoulders and said – why not ?

We had a deal and went back to discussing other topics.

Later that week, I came home to Eitan and our new (used) Roomba and has made a drastic change in our life.

Eitan programmed the iRoomba to work 4x a week and our floors always look and feel clean. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know that all I have to do is clean out the filters and voila! The chore is completed.

Clean floors = happy me.


One Response to “The household chore I now love to do – vacuuming”

  1. nebeeseer April 8, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    we home schooled for 16 years….a Lady asked my oldest son 9 at the time…What is the subject you dislike the most?” he thought for a moment and replied “vacuuming” ….<3

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