Never Again

8 Apr

Every time I hear that phrase “Never Again” I think- but wait, the never again is taking place Right Now somewhere else in the world.

And I feel like we should say – “Never Again, but we mean never again to just us Jews”.

This phrase makes me feel so…. hollow.

When was the last time you got together to protest a genocide offline? Genocides are happening ALL THE TIME. But where are our voices?


So yeah, “Never Again” makes me shudder.

2 Responses to “Never Again”

  1. nebeeseer April 8, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    very good point….ohave

  2. Branko Rihtman (@neyne) April 8, 2013 at 10:23 pm #

    “never again” makes me angry. It is one of the most hollow phrases i know. Never again, but the survivors, whom we are more than happy to parade around a few days before and a few days after Yom haShoah, can barely make ends meet, don’t have enough money even for their medications, after large part of the money that was to be paid to them was never released from the Israeli banks. Never again, but the Sudanese refugees already here are prevented from working and are called “cancer” by the members of the Knesset. Never again, but there are government sponsored agencies that organize patrols ensuring racial purity of Jewish girls by preventing them to hang around with Arabs. Never again, but Christian and Muslim places of burial and worship are being desecrated with Magen David and “Death to Arabs” and “Jesus is a dog” graffiti, Christian priests are regularly spat upon in the streets of Jerusalem. Never again, but we have a detention camp in the middle of the desert for Eritrean refugees and one of the cabinet ministers suggests that they are to be forced to work there so they can cover the expenses of their detention (and health expenses). Never again, but a government-paid rabbi issues a “fatwa” in which he forbids renting out apartments to Arabs.

    Too bad that no one ever took the time to teach both meanings of “never again”. “Never again shall this be done to me” and “never again shall anyone, including myself, do this onto others”. There is a Nazi in each and every one of us and it is that Nazi that we have to fight, not the external ones.

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