The Secret to Food Shopping Before a National Holiday

13 Apr

What is the secret to an enjoyable food shopping experience before the entire country descends unto the local supermarkets?

Setting your alarm clock early and getting to the supermarket a day or two before the holiday at 8am or earlier.

Yes, 8am.

I strolled into my preferred supermarket this morning at 8am after parking the car in a spot right in front of the store. I looked left, I looked right and I saw almost no-one.

I could hear a pin drop it was so quiet.

I quickly ran to the meat counter figuring that there was a long line in front of me and there was one person waiting her turn.


It took me all of 20 minutes to gather my groceries and I was out of the store within a half an hour.

No yelling.

No shoving.

No crazy lines (anywhere!)

Meat counter was filled with meat

Veggie bins were filled with fresh veggies.

As I was leaving .. the store was starting to fill up with holiday shoppers.

I left with my sanity intact and a HUGE smile on my face. Frayers.


8 am food shopping .. I think I kinda love you.



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