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What I Really Think of the 1st Int’l Jbloggers Conference

22 Aug

I am still shaking my head over the 1st International Jewish Bloggers Conference hosted by Nefesh B’Nefesh. It had so much potential…….

I am going to preface this blog post with a small disclaimer. ****I attend a tremendous number of hi-tech conferences every year and as such expected the conference to dig a bit deeper into the Jewish blogging world. I am also very involved in the user generated content(UGC) world (known as Web2.0) & expected at least a superficial conversation on the types of web technology bloggers use to increase their web presence ****

Blogging is a tool used by every day people to share their ideas/thoughts/feelings to the outside world. A successful blogger is one that engages their readers in conversation online and hopefully the reader will take it offline.

Blogging about life in Israel helps demystify the oleh’s daily existence and allow the readers to better understand and maybe relate to our lives. Nefesh B’Nefesh understands how vital it is for olim to blog and share our stories with the outside world. Maybe our blogging will encourage others to follow suit and move here. Maybe it will just increase support for Israel and it’s citizens. Granted not all of the Jewish bloggers at the conference blog about life in Israel but most of them do.

It was very apparent to me that the organizers of the event understood the value of blogging but are not very familiar with the blogging world and could have used an expert in blogging & in the user generated content world.

I am not a fan the First Int’l Jewish Blogging Conference conference on so many different levels but I am not going to discuss all of the reasons why in this post. Last night I was in the mood to write a post ripping the event to shreds but in the morning light I decided that would not be a productive solution to my frustrations. Instead I am going to post my advice on how to make the next conference that much better.

Here is some of my free advice:

The conference should last one whole day & be split up into two separate parts. First half of the day should be how to become better bloggers and create a larger audience and the second part of the conference should have multiple panels showcasing the different types of Jewish blogs.

How to blog better should cover:

How do we as bloggers create more flow of information online and hopefully offline with our readers?

How does a blog gain new readers and retain readers?

Topics to be Discussed are: regular postings, limiting the length of the post, using pictures, videos in the post to make it more engaging, blog aesthetics, linking, interacting with other blogs, blog statistics & etc

*A very important aspect of blogging is to understand the pattern of behavior between the blog and its readers. Who is the target audience for your blog? Are you addressing their needs or just your own? Do you respond to comments?

The second part of the conference: Showcasing popular Jewish Blogs and their authors

Getting to know the blogger –
What made these popular bloggers start writing, continue writing (when we all lack time in our lives), share funny stories about meeting readers offline, discuss controversial posts that gained a lot of +/- feedback online, share with the audience funny key words that have driven traffic to their blogs.

For the attendees:

*Stream the entire conference live but it must be archived on the web and broken down into the different segments of the conference so we can all review it.

*Create a open list of all the blogs and authors in attendance so that we can read/link/connect to new bloggers and create more online dialogue.

*Share with the audience why these specific blogs were picked for the panel.

*Share with the audience the statistics for the blogs showcased on the panel. Average unique visitors/day, reader locations and words that drive traffic to their sites. This information should be distributed in the folder.

**change the name of the conference. It was not representative of the international Jewish blogging community. Where were the South America, South Africa, Europe, Russia etc. bloggers?

I am sure I have more ideas on how to better the conference but at this point I have severely exceeded my 140 character limit and my brain hurts.


Blog Silence

8 May

I am not sure how many of you have noticed my blogging has waned a bit over the past couple of months.

I have noticed – but was unsure as to why I have stopped posting “real” entries. Twitter, facebook and other sites have allowed me to “share” parts of myself but only the surfaces of my thoughts and feelings. Some of what I have wanted to share online are quite personal thoughts and not meant to be shared with all of my readers. I have contemplated starting a new blog but I think that kind of misses the mark on why I blog.

I have encountered a lot of internal turmoil.. internal angst and self discovery. Some of it good, some of it bad and some of it disappointing me right to my core. But these thoughts have been all consuming and has led me to a dry blogging spell.

I apologize to you for waiting or wanting to hear more from me and being unable to do so. And if you enjoyed my superficial posts – then all is not totally lost on my blog.

The one thing I have come to realize is that I need to be happy with me and I have a new list of goals to do just that.

Hopefully I will have some new posts in the nearby future to share with you how those new goals are going.

Work, life and commitment – a repost

22 Apr

My fellow blogger and friend Charlie wrote an execelent blog post called “On Commitment“.

He wrote “I’m not shutting myself in a hole to launch this business–if nothing else because its these people and these activities that gave me the support, insight, and inspiration to start this business in the first place. If nothing else, particularly for a user-centric web service, if you start severing your human connections, you’re going to quickly lose the ability to create user value.” (see the rest of his blog post here )

Life is not only about our work and our outside (work) life should be a source of fulfillment, insipration and to be enjoyed.

His post reminded me how life is suppose to be used to its fullest potential and that does not only refelct my work life. I have other parts to me that make me ME. To negelect the other parts and solely focus on work means that I am living a fraction of what I consider my life.

Thank you Charlie for writing such an eloquent post on such a personal level. Most of us needed a reminder once in a while on the true meaning of balancing out life and work and your post reminded me just how much I need to make sure I keep my work life and personal life balanced.