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Seven Years and counting

13 Jul

Seven years ago today I boarded an El-Al plane and moved across the globe.

I cannot believe so much time has elapsed, how much I have changed and how happy I am in Israel.

It was the best decision of my life.


Working.. out of the house

15 Aug

Around two months ago I stopped working in a large corporation with over 1,000 employees and started working without an office.

I enjoy the flexibility of working out of my apartment or in a cafe but there are a few issues with a non-office job.

My first issue arose when I spent 2 weeks working out of cafes due to the unbearable heat and lack of AC in my apartment. I was hemorrhaging money on cawfee, nana tea, food and snacks.

The heat broke and I solved my money hemorrhaging problem. But the next issue was a much larger issue.

Friends who do not understand what it means to work from the house. I am not on vacation, I cannot just go and do as I please. Between working two separate jobs, one which solely relies on me hustling to get deal flow and the second scouring the internet for talented professionals (I could spend 15 hours a day working) and lets not forget the interviews and meetings I attend.

I enjoy working for myself and I love the field that I am in. I get see the newest technologies here in Israel and envision how they can change the way the world connects via technology. On the other hand – this job has a long return cycle and I wouldn’t mind having a job with a steady paycheck. Hence the interviews … I have met with 4 different recruiters regarding jobs with VC firms but alas… no offers 😦

Who knows where work and life will take me.. but I plan on staying in the start up market.

So please people – even if you do not understand or want to understand what it is I do… don’t try to distract me during 10am-6pm … Trust me… I almost never stay home after I finish working and I will not forget my friends. But this girl has to work.. and work… and work…