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Explaining Sukkot via an Infograph

24 Sep

Sukkot-A-Palooza is a infographic design from Mike Wirth and David Silverberg that tries to help explain the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. They created it for Sukkot 2011 but I only saw it afterwards so I created a post a year ago in October scheduled for publication before this year’s holiday.



Where we stand today as friends

28 Apr

Last night I had a long overdue conversation with my oldest friend. We grew up together and I consider him my brother from another mother. There are pictures of us getting toilet trained together, at birthday parties, block BBQ’s, and many more childhood milestones. Our parents are close friends and our siblings are close in age.

Years ago I moved abroad and we lost touch. I was busy exploring my new country and making new friends, focusing on my career and I didn’t make an effort to stay in contact. He didnt make an effort to stay in contact and so.. we stopped being in touch. Our lives, or so I thought, couldnt have been more different.

But last night’s conversation was as if no time had passed at all. It was amazing that the two of us come from the same world and we share a lof of the same values. He is my oldest friend and even though he is married and a father to a precious little girl, we have a lot in common. Our politics are similar (and vastly different than our parents), our religious views are similar (in regards to our beliefs, not necessarily how each of us practices the religion). It is a bit amazing how both of us have turned out so similar and yet so different than our siblings and how our parents raised us.

I love the man my brother from another mother turned out to be. And I am beyond blessed to have him a part of my life.

We Are Engaged!

11 Apr

Eitan asked and I said YES!