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We Should Know What We Are Eating

28 Jul

There has been a backlash over the past decade regarding food in America and a promotion for organic food.

Over the past 7 years or so, I have changed my eating habits drastically. I rarely eat fast food, junk food and prefer fresh fruits, veggies and nuts to sustain me.

As a former residence of America, I am thankful I no longer eat the food that was readily available to me and welcome the fresh(er) food available to me in Israel.

The idea that most of the food I was eating was processed, genetically altered, rich in sodium and other toxins makes me nauseous. The meat industry alone makes my face turn green.

It scares me to read or hear about the food industry and the power it has over the American people. For all the discussions revolving the “unhealthy” state of Americans, the government is doing everything in its power to keep its population unhealthy.

If the government really wanted to end obesity and get the people back on the right track, they could. They could raise taxes for fast food, junk food, ingredients that are unhealthy.

Why is it the government against smoking and not unhealthy food? There is enough evidence to support the addictive and unhealthy nature of specific ingredients.

At some point the government must weigh the farming industry and all of its components vs. the rising healthcare costs that have some serious connections to the food the public is eating.

What is it going to be?

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