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Counting your blessings

21 May

Sometimes life throws you for a loop – and it just helps remind you how lucky you are. To have people who love you, support you, care about you and mostly, stand by you.

I am blessed. Truly blessed. I dont know how I got to have such a wonderful supportive family made up of blood and non-blood relatives.

And I will never take it for granted.


Birthday Card

12 Apr

I love my family, but this card is beyond true.

Friendship is Gods way of apologising for our families

A Defining moment in my grandfather’s life

1 Mar

Last year, today, my Zaidy Ezra passed away. My paternal grandfather was the sole survivor in his family from the Holocaust.

He was a man who survived the horrors of the war and stayed true to his faith in G-d.

I didnt know my Zaidy Ezra that well since he and my Bubby Miriam moved to Israel when I was around 7 or so. ┬áBut I do have fond memories of going over to their restaurant, Jaffa’s on East 18th Ave in Brooklyn on Sundays with my family and the first thing my Zaidy would do was take us to the walk in freezer to pick out our cannoli.

I miss those cannoli’s with the rainbow sprinkles.

Today marks the first anniversary of his death. Below is a video taken in 1992 when he and my grandmother donated a Torah scroll to their shul in the memory of their families that were killed for being Jews.

I was there at this event – my first time in Israel. This was the summer I knew that one day I would return here to live and build my family.

If you fast forward to around minute 4 you will see me standing next to my grandfather while he is holding the Torah under the chuppah.