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Walnut, cranberry and goat cheese stuffed grape leaves

22 May

For those of you who love stuffed grape leaves, I have a new version for you.

Stuffed grape leaves

Walnut, cranberry and goat cheese stuffed grape leaves

The recipe is quite easy.. here are the ingredients: 

1. Jar of preserved grape leaves in brine

2. cup of walnuts

3. half a cup of dried cranberries

4. Half a cup of goat cheese



Step 1: Crush the walnuts  (you want big chunks, just not whole walnuts)

Step 2: Dump crushed walnuts into a bowel

Step 3: Add the dried cranberries and goat cheese

Step 4: Mix in a tablespoon of the brine from the leaves

Step 5: Mix it all with your hands

Step 6: Stuff the grape leaves (one teaspoon/leaf) until the filling is finished –  See how to stuff grape leaves here 

It yields about 20 stuffed grape leaves