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The Symphony of MY city – Tel Aviv

6 Feb

Emotional Roller Coaster

30 Oct

Oceanside. Hurricane Sandy. Tel Aviv. Oceanside

Last week I flew back to Israel after a lovely honeymoon in Costa Rica and then a quick stop in NYC and Long Island for my younger sister’s wedding.

It was the first time I visited NY in almost 5 years.

In the past 8+ years since I moved to Israel, I have found it incredibly difficult to go back and visit a place I grew up in that no longer felt like home.

Except on this trip, NYC felt like home.

And when I landed in Tel Aviv all I could think of was … “but I didnt have my fill of NYC. I need to go back”. This was the first time I had *ever* felt that way and it was a bit jarring.

At some point over the past few days I mentioned to my sister how chances were that was the last time we would all be in Mom and Dad’s house together. The two of us live here with our families and our younger sister who just got married is moving to Jerusalem with her husband. That was an emotional thought – especially since it felt like we were all there together for a second. In reality we were all together for only from Friday-Sunday morning at Mom and Dad’s. With our husbands.


And now Hurricane Sandy came and left and damaged the house we were just in. I dont know how badly my parent’s house was hurt since they do not have electricity but being that they are a block away from the bay I can just assume the damage was significant. Some details have emerged  from a very short cell call between my mom and my sister… water in the basement and den/garage. Cars on the street were under water.

And I feel like …. why am I here and not there.. riding out the storm in my childhood home that I was *just* in … why am I stuck watching the news from abroad away from my husband who is stuck in NYC (with power and cell reception).

My emotions were all over the place before the storm hit – but now,  now I feel emotionally spent.

I just hope that my family is safe and sound keeping warm and bonding over flashlights and candles.

So Whats Been Going On With Me

15 Jul

Well first off, I got married. Yeah, you read that correctly. I got married. MARRIED.

You know, it doesn’t feel weird to say it at all.  Nor does it feel weird to call Eitan my husband. Well, seeing it in writing actually makes my heart jump. Eitan is *my* husband. I am the luckiest girl  in the world IMHO

We are Mr and Mrs Burcat. Well, unofficially right now. You see, my little (I should really start to refer to her as my younger sister since she is 26 years old) sister got engaged the day after our wedding and is getting married mid October please Gd. Since we are traveling to the States and I need my American passport, I am not changing my last name until we return from our honeymoon and the wedding. So as of right now I am Berger-Burcat which kinda has a nice ring to it. We joked about changing both our names to Berger Burcat because it just rolls off the tongue nicely but I think I’m going to stick with just changing mine.

Oh and July 14 marked my 8 years of making Israel my home. I think after this year I am going to stop – as we are currently building a Bayit Ne’eman B’Yisrael. No more looking to the past but rather, going to keep my eyes on the future while holding my husband’s hand.

To see our wedding pictures  click here