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So Whats Been Going On With Me

15 Jul

Well first off, I got married. Yeah, you read that correctly. I got married. MARRIED.

You know, it doesn’t feel weird to say it at all.  Nor does it feel weird to call Eitan my husband. Well, seeing it in writing actually makes my heart jump. Eitan is *my* husband. I am the luckiest girl  in the world IMHO

We are Mr and Mrs Burcat. Well, unofficially right now. You see, my little (I should really start to refer to her as my younger sister since she is 26 years old) sister got engaged the day after our wedding and is getting married mid October please Gd. Since we are traveling to the States and I need my American passport, I am not changing my last name until we return from our honeymoon and the wedding. So as of right now I am Berger-Burcat which kinda has a nice ring to it. We joked about changing both our names to Berger Burcat because it just rolls off the tongue nicely but I think I’m going to stick with just changing mine.

Oh and July 14 marked my 8 years of making Israel my home. I think after this year I am going to stop – as we are currently building a Bayit Ne’eman B’Yisrael. No more looking to the past but rather, going to keep my eyes on the future while holding my husband’s hand.

To see our wedding pictures  click here


The need for Privacy

31 May

I am getting married in a month from tomorrow (holy cow) and we are still planning the wedding. When I say planning I mean we are both shrugging our shoulders at our wedding planner (and parents) and I bet making everyone a bit nuts. The location is booked but there are a bunch of open ended items on the list that have yet to be completed.

You see, we are having a very small and intimate wedding with just our families and our closestclosest friends we consider family. I can’t speak for Eitan, but I dont give two scoops of hummus about the wedding. All I care about is standing under the huppah with Eitan and walking away as Mrs. Burcat.

If it was permissable by Orthodox jewish law, we would have eloped. But alas, that plan was foiled when we found out you need to have ten men present for the “Sheva Brachot” section of the wedding ceremony.


So now we are planning a wedding and people are excited for us and for some strange reason, maybe because I dont care about the wedding at all, I feel very shy talking about it. I have not been volunteering any information unless other friends start talk about their wedding plans or ask me questions.

Our engagement is very very short- 2.5 months (and no I am not pregnant) . We have family moving abroad and friends who have family weddings abroad and in order to have all of those we love at the wedding, we had to do it by the second week of July. I always said I didn’t believe in long engagements and now that I am living through it, I believe it even more.  Same stress just in a shorter amount of time. Our parents have been incredibly wonderful thus far in our wedding planning and I have to say, most parents should take notes from Mr and Mrs Burcat and Mr and Mrs Berger.

And it is important for me to state that I dont want to give off the impression that I am indifferent about marrying Eitan. On the contrary, I want to shout it from the rooftops that I am marrying this incredibly wonderful man.  But I do not want the lack of enthusiasm for the wedding “party” to tarnish how I feel about making this man my husband and life partner.

One more month to go …. and the countdown begins until we are BergerBurcat.