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Is it or Isn’t it kosher for Passover

5 Mar

This year Passover will be very different for me. The first being that I am not joining my parents and siblings for the Passover Seder. The second being that I now have different Passover traditions as a married lady.

I still subscribe to the notion that when a woman gets married, she takes on her husband’s traditions. We have to do a bit of research to figure out what Eitan’s father’s family kept and then incorporate the traditions of Israel (as this is our home and this is where Eitan was born and raised).  This Passover will be strange for me since I grew up in a house that followed hasidic traditions of not mixing matzah and liquids (g’brucht) which was very strict.  Truth be told, I had a heart to heart with my father two years ago and he agreed to allow me to change my tradition to mix matzah and liquid. Yes, I felt the need to ask him to change my tradition but not go the full way and ask my Rabbi what he thinks.

Now throw in the possibility of not only eating matzah and liquids, I might even be able to eat  kitniyot  (rice, beans). I am not sure I am comfortable with consuming it but that doesn’t mean we can’t have it in our house.

My mom sent me the Star-K Comprehensive Information & Product Guide for Passover. I grew up reviewing that list or one like it to see if my hair products, make up and medicines were found on the “not kosher for passover” list.  For a long time I have not subscribed to the notion that unedible items have to be kosher for passover.  But just in case some of you readers do want to flip through this list, here you go

I hope that for anyone enjoying a seder, it is an enjoyable experience. Have fun with it. Lighten it up. Pretend you are a kid again and find interesting ways to tell the Exodus story.

Oh, and don’t eat too much matzah. We  all know what happens if you do.


Kosher L’Pesach Tiramisu

9 Jan

I know we are months away from Pesach (Passover) but I came across the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratory website and found a recipe for kosher l’pesach Tiramisu now called Tiramatzah

Now if only our family ate g’broucht. No liquids and matzah for our family. For all of you out there that CAN eat g’brochts.. please oh please make Tiramatzah for the family. I promise you = they’d love it.

According to the Evil Mad Scientist: In tiramatzah, all of the ingredients are the same as for tiramisu except that we replace the coffee-soaked savoiardi cookies (ladyfingers) with coffee-soaked matzah. There are many types of matzah available, and you’ll need to be a little bit careful which you pick. Your best bet are so-called “egg matzohs” that are marked kosher for passover, but most types of plain matzah will work just fine.

A Passover Delicacy

7 Apr

Tuna and Matzah
Originally uploaded by israluv.

This is a passover delicacy for us- very smooth tuna on matzah and potato chips (or in this case potato sticks) for lunch.

I think we might be one of the only remaining families that do not eat “g’brochuts” which is combining matzah and a liquid. No matazha pizza, no matzah-bry etc.

so yes dear readers- this is a delicacy in MY world.

Enjoy the rest of Pesach!