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Seven Years and counting

13 Jul

Seven years ago today I boarded an El-Al plane and moved across the globe.

I cannot believe so much time has elapsed, how much I have changed and how happy I am in Israel.

It was the best decision of my life.


Truly Inspirational Work of Art

18 Oct

I nearly held my breath the entire time I watched this video. Beyond words.

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

(ps thanks to Sarah from Oh So Arty for sharing this with me)

Fire in the Truck . Moving Story Part Deux

8 Oct

After spilling my cawfee… watching two men take all my precious belongings into the moving truck and driving away from the Yehoshua Ben Nun apartment we were on our way to Tel Aviv.

But first we had a stop to make. Victor the mover wanted to pick up his sister outside of French Hill and so off we went heading to French Hill.

I sat in the middle seat between Victor and the other mover and my laptop bag sat between me and Victor on the back console. After spotting Victor’s sister (it was unclear as to exactly where she was going to wait for us) we pulled over and she hopped into the front of the truck and the other mover went into the back with all my stuff. Too bad the couch was strapped to the wall otherwise he could’ve traveled in style 🙂

As we pulled away from the curb I started smelling something burning. Not as in a fire fire but more like in an electrical fire. I point out the smell to Victor and we both notice the smoke coming out of the back console (where my bag is resting). I freaked out- all my stuff! everything i own in this truck that is apparently on fire!!! SHIT. Victor calmly took his can of redbull (just brought to him by his sister) and pour it down the hole on the console trying to put out the fire. That doesnt work so he pulls out the wires and notices that they look like they were melting. He then uses my trusty scissors I had in my backpack to cut the wires.

My bag had been resting on a button in the console that was never used and Victor assumed it didnt work. Well it was obviously trying to work and it ignited a small electrical fire. Thankfully the scissors and redbull did the trick and we were back on our merry way to Tel Aviv.

My new apartment is on a very very busy road and there is construction going on. Victor just pulled up onto the sidewalk and ignored the construction workers. Now the landlord was suppose to remove two couches from the flat but he didnt have time to do so before he left on vacation and asked me if my movers could remove it and he’s reimburse me for the expense.

Victor and his cohort just looked at me and said sure. no problem. Victor took on couch on his back down the stairs and out the door. The other mover decided to throw it out the window. Why carry a couch thats heading to the garbage when you can just toss it out the window.

Me and Stephanie looked at the mover like he was crazy and asked him to repeat what he just said. “I am going to throw it out the window”. Me and Steph just looked at each other with disbelief as he looked under the window to make sure no one was there and he just HEAVED it out.

OMG my mover just threw a couch out the window.

HA HA HA HA . We couldnt stop laughing.

The truck was unloaded and all the boxes and suitcases were placed in the living room and it was time to pay the movers. Now when I heard the first time what Victor charged I thought I heard incorrectly and so I asked him again how much he charged for moving me. He stated the same number I heard originally and needless to say I was charged a ridiculously small amount of money. I assumed I would be spending at least another thousand if not NS1500 on moving. Needless to say I tipped them very nicely for their hard work and cheap prices.

It took us the better part of Thursday to rid the apartment of all crap left behind by the previous tenants. Dishes in the sink, food in the cupboards, crap in the closets etc. We finished cleaning and unpacking on Friday and relaxed over Shabbat. My body ached in places I didnt know I had. vic