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Seven Years and counting

13 Jul

Seven years ago today I boarded an El-Al plane and moved across the globe.

I cannot believe so much time has elapsed, how much I have changed and how happy I am in Israel.

It was the best decision of my life.


Six Years and Counting

14 Jul

Last night after a long day I got home and turned on my computer to wind down before bed. It had been a long day culminating at a small networking event for Female Entrepreneurs. That in itself was exhausting for a variety of different reasons none of which I am going to get into right now. I am still processing the messages I heard by different women with different experiences.

I came home, turned on the computer and up popped a skype message from my father wishing me a happy aliyahversary.

My what?! <mentally looking around> it had been six years?And how did he remember this special day? I mean, we all know birthdays are special but who would have thought anyone else cared about the day I moved to Israel? Lucky for me he uses outlook.  Lucky for me he understood how monumental July 14, 2004 was for me that he set a reminder to wish *me* a mazal tov.

Who celebrates moving to a different city each year? How many of our friends have actually moved countries?

Where are the Hallmark cards for this occasion?  Oh wait, this is not some made up holiday to make money. This is a real life experience which really doesnt need a card. It is an anniversary only those close to you will remember.

I have never been more happy with myself and the people in my life. And I dont think I would be as content if I had stayed in the United States.

Shaking my Head over the 1st Int’l Jbloggers Conference

21 Aug

I am still shaking my head over the 1st International Jewish Bloggers Conference hosted by Nefesh B’Nefesh.

Problem for me is how do I write this post after spending most of my time now aday “microblogging”. Figuring out what to write in over 140 characters is a little difficult for me at this moment.

I am working on a blog post about the conference.. will probably post it over the weekend.