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Put our landlord between a rock and a hard place

15 Jun

Eitan and I have a really really cheap landlord. You know the kind – they give you a whole song and dance why they can’t pay to fix something or how it is someone else’s fault and therefore THEY wont pay.

Yeah. We have that kind of landlord.

We have been having issues with our kitchen faucet for a while but I tried to just ignore it. This past Thursday afternoon I could no longer ignore the issue when the issue sprayed me in the face with water. It also happened to be the night my in-laws were coming to see our flat for the first time and enjoy my home cooking.

Impeccable timing one might say.

So the water was shooting out of the faucet when it was turned on and it was also leaking under the sink. And that my dear readers is when it is time to call the landlord.

Well first I called Eitan in a panic and got call waiting. UGH. He called me back and I rambled and told him “the-faucet-is-spraying-me-with-water-and-it-is-leaking-under-the-sink-onto-the-kitchen-floor-CALL-OUR-LANDLORD-NOW.”

We both hate calling our landlord – he loves to ramble on the phone and waste time and not take of his responsibilities. Luckily for me, I was in the midst of cooking  and had a perfectly good excuse why Eitan had to call.

And he did. And our landlord’s reaction? Okay, I’ll come over now to have a look. Thankfully Eitan quickly interjected and said no and explained why.

Well guess how long it took to get a plumber into our flat? 24 hours. Friday night. Our landlord finally reached a plumbing company that sent one of their plumbers to our house at 9pm on a Friday night. He fumbled with the faucet, pulled it out and said – yup. Broken and cannot be fixed.

So he called his boss to give the estimate. Eitan called our landlord and told him and he then proceeded to hang up and call the plumber’s boss. It went back and forth like this for a few minutes until it was apparent that our landlord didn’t want to pay for the plumbers’ visit and wanted to pay for all of it on Sunday when the replacement faucet would be installed.

“No” said the plumber. “My visit costs NIS 120 and you need to pay me right now.”

Now we were not paying for *anything* without our landlord’s knowledge because he would be reimbursing us. Without notifying him, he would say “I never agreed  and I am not reimbursing you”. This is very typical of our landlord.

So what did Eitan do? He used technology to trip up our landlord.

He called the plumbers’ boss and then he added our landlord to the call via 3-way-calling on the iPhone.


No more “He said/She said” – all parties were on the call and on speakerphone.

I think we shocked our landlord a bit – and caught him in his lies. And yes, he will be returning tomorrow with a new faucet and a plumber to install it or so help me.

Because washing dishes in the bathroom sink is a pain in the you know where.


Update to the Freezing Cold Apartment with no Running Water

15 Jan

Yesterday I wrote a post about blackouts and using candles to light up the apartment. Little did I know that Jerusalem would get SO EFFING COLD that over 10,000 pipes in the city would BURST.

Thats right – burst. No water right now – why you ask? Here in Israel most of us have our boilers on the roof of the building. This is my first experience with frozen pipes and no water.

And Yes I paid the water bill (but I did check to make sure it was paid)

So the building manager also had a problem with her boiler and she went up onto the roof and told us when she came down hours later that our pipes had burst and that she was shutting off our water since it wouldn’t come into our pipes but flood the roof. She could have just manually shut off our boiler and that way we could have had cold water.

But Whatever.

So now I called a plumber (found and to be paid for by my landlord) and he cannot come until tomorrow afternoon.

If you see me in Tal Bagels – please excuse my, ahem, appearance. I will be there for their running water and bathroom and NOT the wifi.