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Separate beaches for men and women

2 Aug

This past week I had the pleasure of going to women’s only beach in Herzliyah.  The beach’s name is called “The separate beach” and in Hebrew it is called “חוף הנפרד”.  On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday the beach is open only for women and on  Monday, Wednesday and Friday it is only open for men.

Israel has a large population of ultra orthodox and they do not go mix swimming.  A lot of the major beachside cities have a “separate beach” that most people who are not ultra orthodox do not know about.

So what brought me to an all women’s beach? My nieces. My sister is ultra orthodox and is raising her children in that world. She invited me to join her and her two eldest girls at the beach during their summer break.

Now I grew up by the beach. I have wonderful memories of going with my grandparents to Brighten Beach in Brooklyn as a young child.  I went to school and camp in Long Beach and as a family, we went to East Rockaway’s beach/pool. Yeah, they had a pool *on* the beach.

So when the opportunity presented itself to go with my sister, her girls and our visiting mom, I jumped at the chance. I mean, I’ve been to separate beaches before so I knew what to expect. I was a little concerned that the beach was not accessible by public transportation but I quickly found out that the beach is a kilometer ( a little over half a mile) away. Phew. Public transportation and walking distance. Perfect.

It was wonderful to play in the sea with my family. We really frolicked in the sand/sea and we taught the girls to jump over the waves,  collect seashells, dig and build in the sand.

These are the memories that last a lifetime.



One thing at a Time

5 Jul

I like it when life is busy with work, family, love and friendship. Right now I feel like my life is in hold mode in some things and on full speed ahead mode on others.

It is such a strange feeling to not be working at a full time job in a company. I have started working for myself and am searching for start ups who are in need for financing and connecting them to investors back in the States. (and if you know of any please let me know…) I am waiting till after my sister has her baby (B’shat tovah) to really jump back into work. Now its time for being a sister, an aunt and a daughter.

But I find it weird how once I stopped working full time other areas of my life are now back on track. Truth be told when I was younger and didn’t really know who I was … I decided that I didn’t want a career rather I wanted to work in not for profit or volunteer.

After six years of working full time…I have come to the conclusion that I love working… I love technology and that I have no interest in giving up my career anytime soon.

But unfortunately I am not as good at balancing out my life as I once thought. Balance in life takes time, effort and a lot of energy. I now have the time to evaluate what is important and whats not.

Digging and planting new roots in the ground of Israel is my number one priority now. And I am so thankful that G-d gave me the time to be introspective and figure out a few more things that I haven’t written about